Brisbane is one of the most light polluted regions in the Southern Hemisphere.  Its effects do not stop at the city limits but impact on all of South East Queensland.

The city of Brisbane was named after the astronomer Sir Thomas Brisbane.  However, were he alive today he would be appalled to see what his city has done to its evening sky.  

Outdated roadway lighting systems and poor control of illumination levels and light placement have left Brisbane cloaked in a halo of light pollution that stretches for hundreds of kilometres beyond the city boundary.  

Children living in Brisbane today may be taught about the wonder of our Milky Way Galaxy but never actually see the band of countless stars that pass overhead every night.  This is a loss to us all.

Brisbane City Council and Energex are currently trialling ten different types of LED lights in 17 residential streets across Brisbane.  Some limited information on the nature of the trial is available from Brisbane City Council, here.

A total of 100 LED lights have been installed for the trial.  Brisbane City Council has made public very little information about these lights and how their performance is being evaluated.

Councils outside Brisbane have attempted, but had rejected on business grounds, a dark-sky friendly public-space and street lighting plan.

If you live outside Brisbane please write to your local representatives as per the letter below, AND write to Brisbane regional representatives as per the letter on the Light Pollution page.