BAS set up a booth at Paniyiri Greek Festival on the weekend of 24th-25th of March, as we saw it as a great opportunity for public outreach. The yearly festival draws thousands of visitors to Musgrave Park in South Brisbane. A combination of attractions—great traditional Greek food, dancing, music, cultural performances, amusement park rides and games—brought a diverse crowd to Paniyiri, which BAS tapped into.

Visitors to the BAS booth were able to use the solar scope to view sunspots, and a few were lucky to see solar flares. More popular was the planetary viewing in the evenings, and for many visitors, it was their first time they saw Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars through a telescope. A number of visitors expressed interest in joining BAS, or were looking to buy a telescope. We hope at least most of the visitors would at least keep looking up more and take more interest in astronomy.

We would like to thank Andy Polichronis, Chris and Linda Landman, Trevor and Yvonne Samson, Stephen Taylor, Robert Heath, and Cheryl-Ann Tan for helping out at Paniyiri.