Each month near the New Moon date we head out of the city for some casual telescope observing and astrophotography under less light polluted skies.

These evenings are conducted for BAS Members and their guests and are not open to the general public.  Some people arrive well before sundown and put one of the barbeques to work while others come just for the observing session.  These events are BYO BBQ and there is no catering provided by BAS.  It is best that evenone try and arrive on site prior to sundown as it makes equipment set-up much easier.

We often conduct three simultaneous evenings at three locations north and south of Brisbane. This makes travel easier for members and also makes for a shorter and safer drive home at the end of the evening. Our current locations are:

  • Sunshine Coast - Maleny Golf Club,
  • Forgan Park Picnic Area - Forgan Road, southside of Lake Samsonvale, Joyner QLD 4500
  • Hardings Paddock - south of Ipswich,

The details for each month's event are published on the BAS website on the Events Calendar and on the BAS Facebook page under Events. You are encouraged to indicate on a Facebook Event if you plan to attend one of these evenings. This makes it much easier for BAS to keep you informed of any status changes and if an events needs to be cancelled due to weather of site availability.

Sunshine Coast

The Sunshine Coast location does not have barbeque facilities available to us, so this is just an observing evening.  People wishing to stay overnight will need to book accommodation at one of the excellent nearby B&Bs.  There is a lock-up shed available for people wanting to leave their telescope on site for two consecutive nights of observing. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.


Forgan Park

Enter the picnic area through the main timber gates located on Forgan Road.  BAS has a padlock on this gate and permission from Seqwater to utilise this site on selected evenings each month. Please do not attempt to access this site on dates other than designated BAS StarBQ evenings as you will be asked to leave by the Seqwater ranger and risk withdrawal of our approvals entirely.

This site has excellent facilities - barbecue, covered picnic table, running water and a toilet. But please be aware you will need to transport your equipment from the carpark through the trees to the open grassed area on the lakeside. So bring a sturdy trolley or strong partner if your equipment is heavy and bulky.  It is also recommended that you bring some mosquito spray and any telescope dew removal gear you may own.


Hardings Paddock

This site is just 10 minutes drive south of Ipswich on the Ipswich-Boonah Road.  There is an access gate to the picnic area that is locked by a visiting ranger around 6:00PM each evening.  It is highly recommended that you arrive at Hardings Paddock before sundown and well before the gate is locked.  BAS books a camp site for these evenings and is given a combination lock code for the gate so you can easily leave the site at any time during the evening.  Two or three people make camp overnight in the site booked by BAS if they wish - but please let us know on the Facebook Event Page if you plan to camp as space is very limited.

Hardings Paddock has excellent facilities - good barbecues, covered picnic tables, water and toilets. It is recommended that you bring some mosquito spray and any telescope dew removal gear you may own.